What Verizon’s $4.6B Hit Teaches Us

Verizon, parent company of Oath, announced that 10,400 employees are accepting a separation package at a total cost of over $1B. They will write-down the value of Oath by $4.6B as part of a re-organization. Using fluent, but vacuous, business-speak, the Verizon chief...

Are You Helping Your Competitors?

Saks pays a lot of attention to the look of their stores and the merchandise they choose, but so do their competitors. My preference for Saks has to do with Susan Bregman, who works in designer clothing at the store in Atlanta. Nonetheless, when I had some free time,...

Leadership in the Breach

Equifax is still reeling from the breach of systems, exposing private information of a staggering 143 million people. On Monday, September 25, 2017, yet another breach at Deloitte, that occurred months ago, was revealed. The firm says few clients were impacted and all...

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