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Business talk therapy™

Introducing a new kind of coaching for leaders and business owners

“Constance has been an invaluable advisor. I have become a better leader and the business results prove it. She combines business acumen with deep understanding and respect for leaders who have the courage to seek her wise counsel”

Tim VanDam

President, Automotive Profit Strategies

Leading through high stakes transitions or navigating through a crisis requires courage. At such times, support and candor are invaluable. Yet, sometimes the situation is not suited for discussion with internal peers who will have, quite understandably, their own view and their own personal needs.

Business Talk Therapy™ is a new type of consultancy from Constance Dierickx, PhD, The Decision Doctor®.

Business Talk Therapy™ provides boards, senior executives, and business owners with the privacy they need to have unvarnished discussions regarding business critical situations. Further, executives and boards want to know how they are helping or harming and candid input from others can be scarce.

All leadership decisions have cognitive and emotional aspects to them and each will have its influence, invited or not. A coaching relationship that encompasses all the dimensions that influence decisions requires an advisor who has both business acumen and expertise in human behavior.

Constance is that person.

Business Talk Therapy™ focuses on both critical business issues and the characteristics of an individual leader. Clients say that while working with her isn’t therapy, it is therapeutic and she is a rare coach who is qualified to provide it.

Constance’s research indicates that once a leader has achieved a senior rank they almost always have sufficient knowledge.

What makes the difference between great success and mediocrity, happiness with one’s role and life and feeling burdened by the grind, is mindset. A Global Leadership Mindset™ enables leaders to work at a strategic level, where they belong. It helps them achieve breadth, recognize changes in context and capitalize on secular changes rather than be victimized by them.

Leaders who are truly great are not an inch wide and a mile deep. They do not ignore emotion and do not know the tide is in only when their feet are wet. These leaders and those who seek dramatic professional growth, are right for Business Talk Therapy™.

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