Timely advice for leaders

At any one time, Constance offers her services in an advisory capacity for a small, select group of senior executives. These leaders have priority access to her expertise and experience on an ‘as required’ basis.

Challenging mindset

Constance offers:

  • Timely and provocative advice that will challenge your mindset.  This confidential relationship allows leaders to learn and expand their capabilities while dealing with pressing issues in real time.

This is not your typical advisory relationship!

Accessing Constance’s knowledge and experience allows your organization to benefit from not only her professional experience, but also the science of human behavior. This helps leaders be decisive, declarative and appropriately impatient. Leaders who work with Constance act more quickly and confidently, avoiding the crises that come from a “wait and see approach.”

Constance has advised over 500 executives, on six continents in 28 industries.

Three Ways to Hire Constance as an Advisor

Constance recognizes that the role of advisor should be defined by the needs of the circumstances and the leader him or herself. Leaders engage her in three distinct ways:

  • A private confidante. 
  • Behind the scenes with multiple senior executives.
  • A public role in which she attends meetings with senior executives and may convene them when necessary.

Transformation Through Courage

Constance provides value for your business in numerous ways:

  • A sounding board for strategic decisions.
  • A source of ideas.
  • Risk reduction.
  • Expert, external review.
  • Rapid reply on time sensitive matters.
  • Expertise on individual, team and organizational behavior.
  • Access to Constance’s intellectual property, gained through extensive experience and ability to capture key lessons in forms that are immediately useful.

“Constance and I worked together intensely during a time of organizational crisis. I realized through the process I learned a great deal about management and leadership. These lessons have served me ever since. This is high value consulting.”

Steven M. McElhiney

President, EWI Risk Services

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