A charismatic and compelling speaker, Constance, also known as The Decision Doctor®, regularly delivers workshops, podcasts and seminars to guide leaders through a crisis, navigate in high stakes situations and challenge your corporate thinking to prevent complacency,

Constance brings the art and science of behavioral science to life in ways that are memorable and immediately useful.

Why Smart People Do Stupid Things

What is going on when very smart, experienced and successful people do things that look stupid? Usually they have succumbed to very human tendencies that they believe don’t apply to them. Learn about –

  • Why what you don’t know about group think will leads to mistakes. 
  • The dangers of over-confidence.
  • Why we avoid discomfort, almost at any cost.

Most importantly, learn what to do about these common, but deadly and invisible decision traps.

“Constance has a rare talent for combining a storehouse of wisdom with the ability to communicate it”

Bonnie Bailey

Managing Director
In Other Words, Inc.

CEO Succession – Avoiding Traps, Barriers, and Debacles

Boards often feel that they know how to manage CEO succession – that is, until it goes wrong. CEO transitions present real risk to an organization and they are public events that no board can afford to mishandle. Your organization will learn:

  • How boards unwillingly abdicate this critical responsibility.
  • The perils of the position profile.
  • How to keep directors involved without weighing them down.
  • Why it’s not just about the CEO.

“I’ve been through several CEO Successions and wish I had seen Constance’s presentation sooner”

Director of Public and Private companies

Why You Don’t Need a Strategic Plan

Constance often hears leaders complain that their employees aren’t strategic. Often, they send people to strategy school at a prestigious university where they learn a methodology but not how to think strategically.

Even sophisticated audiences learn from Constance about:

  • How to create strategic intent that guides major decisions while keeping you out of the weeds.The dangers of over-confidence.
  • How to establish decision criteria that save time, money and prevent mistakes.
  • Why courageous leadership is often the missing link in strategy and what to do about it.

“Constance was a powerful and popular speaker at the Society for the Advancement of Consulting conference.  She not only gave the audience a strategic view of what they needed to do to be successful but she also made sure they walked away with immediately implementable pragmatic ideas.  We recommend her for your next keynote!”

Lisa Anderson

Executive Director
Society for the Advancement of Consulting LLC


The ‘secret weapon for companies in crisis’ Constance is in-demand for her candid keynote addresses. Covering diverse topics including:

  • The Myths of CEO Succession
  • Why change management doesn’t change anything
  • Amplify your brand to get where you want to go
  • Measures that don’t matter
Executive Women of Goizuetta Invited Address October 2016


  • UHY Financial Leaders Seminar
  • Board of Directors Schnabel Engineering
  • Board of Directors ACE Hardware
  • Board of Directors The Institutes
  • POWER/Atlanta
  • Family Business Forum – University of North Carolina-Asheville
  • Milwaukee Woman Inc.
  • Commerce Club
  • Society for CPCU
  • CEO NetWeavers
  • Women Corporate Directors
  • Million Dollar Consulting Convention
  • Society for the Advancement of Consulting
  • ONBoard
  • National Association of Corporate Directors
  • Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
  • Executive Women of Goizueta
  • Invited lecture – University of North Carolina-Asheville


Combining her knowledge of behavior, academic insight, business expertise and relentless pragmatism, Constance is a popular podcast guest.

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