Outstanding results for leaders and organizations in times of crisis, when the stakes are high and a crisis could occur and when leaders know they must avoid crisis caused by complacency.

What makes Constance unique?

Constance is described as ‘the secret weapon’ for companies in crisis, a skill derived from marrying her knowledge of behavior, academic insight and relentless pragmatism.

The result is a different type of consulting.

Consultancy Services

CEO Succession Planning and Progress

CEO succession is a key responsibility of an organization’s board members but according to KPMG, only 14% of directors globally have a detailed board succession plan

All too often, one or more board members identify their next CEO without first, stepping back to consider the context. This crucial step establishes the trajectory for the business, the strategic direction. Without it, the question boards ask is “who’ when the right question is “who for what?” Second, independent and expert evaluation of the talent within their organization may not be done, leading a board to overlook someone who may be the perfect candidate for the role.

But the obvious choice isn’t always the right choice

While it seems impossible that smart, experienced board members would overlook talent, it happens. This occurs due to several cognitive biases that are common to all people. Even the smartest people cannot escape their human brain. Seeking expert advice in this “bet the company” scenario is wise. Constance has been in boardrooms working on this very issue, dozens of times.

Constance’s approach works so well that the following are typical outcomes:

  • Improved alignment of the board.
  • Well-founded confidence in the evaluations of candidates
  • High rate of retention among unsuccessful internal candidates.

As the global talent shortage continues, retention of talent remains a key issue for organizations. Constance’s succession planning strategy has ensured her clients retain over 95% of the internal executive talent who were contenders for the top job.

Getting Value from a New Strategy

A major challenge for organizations in transition is the tendency to become ‘stuck’. A change of leadership, strategy or process, on its own will not yield the desired results nor deliver the return on investment promised.

Constance works with her clients to:

  • Rapidly clarify and communicate strategy.
  • Re-align your organization.
  • Manage potential cultural “uprisings”.

Increase Efficiency – Decrease Drama

Small business owners frequently engage Constance to assist them in making the transition from a ‘start-up’ organization to a ‘professional’ enterprise.

Working closely with leadership teams and business owners, Constance guides her clients through the process of getting traction and achieving results. These typically include:

  • Improved leadership ability.
  • Reduced friction.
  • Increased speed.

Realize Value from Mergers/Acquisitions and Divestitures

High stakes situations demand courageous leadership.

During a merger, acquisition, or divestiture, all attention is on the leaders of the organizations involved. Every comment is scrutinized and every decision dissected. Deriving value from a deal is challenging and most fail to deliver on the investment thesis. Once a deal begins to slip, the finger pointing begins, customers experience a decline in service and analysts criticize.

Constance specializes in helping leaders all along the arc of a deal, from a strategic decision to acquire, merger or divest through integration and to thriving.

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