CEO Transition Without a CEO

When a Board of Directors removed an ineffective CEO, they turned to Constance for help. Constance helped the top executives keep the “trains running” and worked with the board to make key decisions. The board received an unfiltered, relevant evaluation of the organization’s talent, culture and viability that helped them make critical decisions that resulted in a complete and successful transformation.

Acquisition Back on Track

When a market-dominant company began buying smaller companies to enhance what they could offer customers, they purchased a founder-led company that was a “perfect on paper” match. Less than sixty days into their ownership, the Senior Vice-President responsible for the deal, called for help. Constance met with the Vice-President after which she quickly hopped on a plane to visit the newly acquired company.

Constance delivered a surprising evaluation of the company and its leadership talent. The acquirer was surprised but pleased to have an explanation for the cause of the problems. Rather than fix the operational issues, directly, several top leadership changes were made. Further changes to facilities, IT and employee benefits led to rapid improvement. Today, the company is a fast-growth organization with an improved brand and record-breaking margin.

Board and CEO Survive and Thrive After Pitched Battle

A 100-year-old company in financial services, having missed critical changes in the marketplace, was struggling. Blame and bitterness dominated boardroom dialog and led to the resignation of the CEO. A charismatic and visionary CEO was hired months later and began his tenure with great enthusiasm.

Though the board had deliberately sought a visionary leader, mere months into the new CEO’s tenure, they realized the ramifications of this choice. The board found itself in a similar conflict with this new CEO, though he was very different from his predecessor. The situation had become a full-blown crisis.

Working with the board and CEO, Constance helped them come to a better understanding and working relationship. Afterward, the CEO led the company for several years, successfully. The relationship between the board and CEO was vital to the health of the company.

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