I went shopping for replacement health insurance a few months ago. I made a few calls and within days was deluged with calls from people who provided the worst examples of sales technique you could imagine. Pushy doesn’t begin to cover it. It took me no time at all to start saying to them “I’ve already secured coverage, no need for us to talk.”

Lo and behold, last week an email showed up from USAA.They are the providers of our automobile and homeowners insurance. I called and got a very calm and well-spoken man on the phone who provided his FIRST AND LAST NAME by way of introduction! We talked about what I need and my circumstances, he listened. I know he heard me because he restated, briefly, what I said. Verification.

We proceeded and to make it short, it took a few days for me to be approved and make the first quarterly payment. I don’t know if this policy is the absolute best for the money. It seems reasonable and after speaking to the first person and two of his colleagues, I know that I can talk to the people at this company. What I want is health insurance and service, not just coverage that comes with surly, pushy people who cannot properly conjugate.

If you think your customers are “price sensitive”, etc., etc., see how long your business lasts if you focus entirely on price.

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