Your Decisions Are Emotional

Your Decisions Are Emotional

Your Decisions Are Emotional This post originally appeared on The Board Mindset. I heard it again last week, “What’s the rush?” Sometimes I hear, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” or the one that really makes me crazy, “We are so much better than we were.” Many a...

What Tim Cook Knows That Facebook Doesn’t

Apple’s action to enforce its privacy policy became public recently when Facebook was found to be gathering data without permission. Through a program only available to trusted developers, Facebook was testing an app. Apple asserts that while doing so, Facebook...

Resolutions Don’t Resolve Anything

We are now just over a week into a new year and, already, many have found their resolve waning. No matter what the resolutions, it takes little time for the barriers that we thought were speed bumps to loom large and cast a shadow that creates doubt. That said, most...

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