How Succession Anxiety Fuels Crisis

How Succession Anxiety Fuels Crisis The transition from one chief executive officer to another is a high-stakes situation. In the most difficult situations, the outgoing CEO leaves a trail of damaged relationships, financial statements that are suspect, and a sense of...

What Terry Gross Knows About Interviewing

What Terry Gross Knows About Interviewing Nearly every person who conducts interviews for hiring, focuses on the wrong thing. What is that? The questions they will ask. This puts the focus on precisely the wrong person, the interviewer. It often leads to a mechanical...

An Open Mind Looks A Lot Like Confidence

When most people imagine a corporate boardroom, they envision a few things: people over the age of 50; mostly male; focus on finances; insularity. Whether directors are young, older, male, female, industry experts, financial experts or otherwise, good governance...

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