Resolutions Don’t Resolve Anything

We are now just over a week into a new year and, already, many have found their resolve waning. No matter what the resolutions, it takes little time for the barriers that we thought were speed bumps to loom large and cast a shadow that creates doubt. That said, most...

Ingenuity Is Alive and Well

Ingenuity Is Alive and Well What do people do when they don’t have enough resources and can’t get more? It depends. On what? Whether or not they have imagination and motivation. Last month, my family and I took a trip to Havana, Cuba. The number of examples of...

An Open Mind Looks A Lot Like Confidence

When most people imagine a corporate boardroom, they envision a few things: people over the age of 50; mostly male; focus on finances; insularity. Whether directors are young, older, male, female, industry experts, financial experts or otherwise, good governance...

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