Vacation – a time to vacate normal routine allowing one to refresh oneself and entertain new ideas.

On the way to a remote beach location, we stopped at gas station/store where my culinary anthropologist eyes feasted upon wondrous things such as: Mayhaw Jelly, Pickled vegetables of every type, peach salsa, peach jelly, peach chow chow, peach cobbler in a jar (ewww), peach and pepper jelly, miniature Italian Creme Cakes ($9 for teeny tiny cake), and cane syrup, sorghum, molasses, white grits, and sausage made on the premises. It was heaven. OK, so the folks at this place know that us Atlanta types pass by here on our way to the beaches in NW Florida and they are ready for us! Nonetheless, it was interesting. Not just the aisles you must pass on the way to the restrooms (that’s where they stuff they consider trendy is) but the other aisles that have boring things like ZipLock bags. I’ll admit it-a few years ago I would have hung out in the trendy section and sniffed my closed-minded little nose at the other stuff. No more. You never know what you might learn, what thoughts may be prompted by a detour.

On the way out, I stopped by the Pink Pig sculpture. She’s very big and very round-made of metal and mesh. I took the picture posted here to remind me not to ignore what I encounter. Life is just to interesting to miss it.

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