Marshall Goldsmith has famously said, “what got you here won’t get you there” and he’s right…sort of.

What you need to get ‘there’ doesn’t demand a wholesale swap. Where this true, no one would develop wisdom and experience would have little value. Rather, you need an ability to discern, to draw upon experience that is relevant, and the self-control necessary to take intentional action.

In archery, for example, success comes from skill and recognizing the context-

  1. Where is the target?
  2. What equipment do I have?
  3. What do I know about my strengths?
  4. What behaviors do I exhibit that lead me to miss the mark?

The first two are concrete and anyone can answer these questions with accuracy. The seond need calibration. Why? Because understanding what we are great at and where we are likely to falter requires observing ourselves. People aren’t so good at that. Even if one can improve thorough trial and error, it takes a long time.What speeds that up?

First, honestly record performance. Write it down, track it. Our memories aren’t as good as a literal record, just ask anyone who starts a food diary.

Second, get help from someone who can observe you, offer feedback and make suggestions for improvement. Get a good understanding of what you already do well, not just what needs to change.

Third, hang around with people who are excellent at what you are trying to do. Hold fast to what got you there but keep learning, growing and you’ll hit the target more often!

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