Frank Blake, a leader admired by employees and shareholders alike, stepped down as Chairman of The Home Depot where he had served as Chairman and CEO until last year. Frank followed Bob Nardelli whose tenure was marked by actions and focus quite unlike those of his successor.

I’m currently writing about leaders who are great role models and Frank Blake’s name is at the top of my list, so I have been reading about him. On a whim, I looked at Twitter and, of course, he has an account. Guess what is on his page? Employees. Photo after photo of Home Depot employees from all over. Employees who have been recognized for excellence whether they are cashiers or General Managers, work in Supply Chain at the Store Support Center (don’t call it ‘corporate’) or sell blinds in Buffalo.

If I had done nothing else to learn about Frank Blake, his Twitter pages would have given me THE major clue.

Well done, Mr. Blake!

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