When my daughter, April, was about 10 she asked me what people meant when they talked about New Years Revolutions. I honestly thought her rendition of the phrase was apt.

Resolution is a mental act. Revolution is about action.

Whether you require a change that is revolutionary or one more evolutionary, I’ve put together five questions to help you succeed.

First, start with the end in mind. What is the outcome or result you seek?

  •         Grow market share
  •         Improve branding
  •         Expand to new territory
  •         Leave a valuable legacy
  •         Pivot your strategy

Second – ask yourself – What do I need to do?

At this point, focus on yourself. The great Peter Drucker said the job of managers is to manage themselves. Your actions matter more than your words.

Third – What do we need to do?

Talk to those who will help implement the plans. Keep it at a high level first. Diving into tactics too soon drains energy! Interpersonal dynamics can take over here but you, the leader, can stop it by focusing on the strategic.

Fourth – What will make us successful?

In my experience, if you ask a group of leaders to imagine that 2 or 3 years hence, they are looking back on great success, they can tell you quite clearly what led to it. As the leader, use this information to fuel the plan. Remove barriers and don’t complicate!

Fifth – What do we need to let go of?

Now it gets tough. It’s easy to imagine a bright future. It’s not difficult to imagine doing new things, acquiring new technology, equipment, logos, website, even appearances on CNBC, etc. It’s much more difficult to let go of processes, habits, people, buildings, business units.

This is why people think change is hard. Why it strikes fear in our hearts. It’s not because we don’t want the new shiny thing. Rather, it is because we might have to give up the thing we already have-ratty though it may be.

Why? It involves feelings of loss. This is an emotion and we aren’t talked out of emotion. We must be inspired out of it. Make it personal! Tell people:

  •         Where you are going
  •         What they are great at that will help everyone get there
  •         How they will learn, grow and achieve by participating

You, the leader, must let go of the old ways. People need to see it. This takes courage.

Courageous leaders generate extraordinary dividends. Do you have a situation that will require you to be courageous?

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