I just received a letter from BAC – well, it’s a letter and was sent to my company and address but is so impersonal that I’m not sure it was meant for me.

To the Owner of CdConsulting Group LLC – not only is my name not used but they can’t even properly type my company name. I have four accounts with BAC – four! The average balances are not insignificant. If they don’t know my name or company name it is truly a sign of indifference.

I don’t care if you have 2 customers or hundreds of thousands, there are a few immutable principles you must apply –

1. Know thy customer – understand their needs and while you are at it, get their name right.

2. Communicate in a manner that addresses their interests. People act in their self-interest. This is normal and predictable – be ready.

3. Get to the point.

4. Understand that the point should be based on knowing thy customer and their needs.

It’s not rocket science but even huge companies with a lot of “experts” on the payroll get it wrong.

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