I’m writing this from a patio at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. I’m here for a meeting and fortunately there is some unscheduled time each afternoon, during which I have been watching people and exploring the place. I’ve noticed some things that anyone, in any business can adopt to generate stunning results.

The staff here is well dressed and groomed. Not a single person, in any role, is rumpled or unkempt. They exude pride.

The staff is focused. There are no groups of people standing around talking to one another.

When you approach someone on the staff they immediately pay attention, make eye contact and speak to you in a professional tone and manner.

No one says “no problem” as a substitute for “you are welcome.”

The place is beautiful, neat and well maintained. No detail seems too small for attention.

You may be tempted to say these things are just surface details that don’t matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you care enough about your customers and your business to create a beautiful facade, you have more than shallow beauty. You have an environment where people want to be-great customers and great employees. It’s tough to beat that combination.

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