Recently I had the great joy of participating in a radio show hosted by Henna Inam, a former marketing executive who is coaching women and supporting them like nobody’s business. She’s smart, quick and a very incisive thinker. It was a joy to join her for this program alongside Mary Madden and Heather Rocker. Mary was President, Founder and Co-CEO of Information America, the first company to offer on line access to public record data. She raised capital for the company, grew it and took it public. She is a governance expert and leader of the National Association of Corporate Directors Atlanta Chapter. Heather is Chief Executive Officer for Girls Incorporated of Greater Atlanta and was previously the first executive director for Women in Technology (WIT). She was named Outstanding Young Alumna by Georgia Tech – a rare distinction.

When I hear the comment – “there are no qualified women” for this or that role, I think of Henna, Mary and Heather, among others.

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