When I was a kid, lots of things were delivered to homes. Milk and eggs by the milk man. Potato chips by the Charlie Chip Man! I was so jealous of people who got to have Charles Chips delivered. My mom thought they were frivolous and they probably were but they were also delicious!

When my husband and I were first married, we had a Charlie Chip man that kept us supplied with all sorts of yummy things – chips, and those sweet caramelized peanuts. He showed up every other Sat. with our supply. He hung out and listened to the Metropolitan Opera on NPR with us while we inhaled the goodies! It was more than a delivery, it was an event.

He knew us and we knew him. Within the context of our exchange, we knew each other and it was a pleasure to have him show up.

No matter how differently we may transact business now, those who have the ability to tune in to their customers in a genuinely warm way – a way that conveys interest – yields far better result. The Charles Chip man went away because the method of delivery was not sustainable – it’s too bad because the relationship skills are valuable regardless.

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