A few years ago, I was working with a new executive in a Fortune 500 company. To say he was qualified for his new role was an understatement. He’s bright, experienced has great academic credentials and a charming sense of humor. However, in a short time his colleagues were complaining about him. After a rocky first 18 months, he hit his stride. I greatly admire what he did. My advice to him? Be quiet.

He, like many in a new role, was eager to show value. So eager that he looked frenetic. Even though he was very capable underneath the frenzy, his reputation was being damaged. He needed to slow down to go fast.

I recommended that he take 30 minutes twice a week to think. I should have said every day, but I knew that would make him nuts. He saw this as doing nothing, but was open to trying it. Today, he is in a bigger job in the same company. He deserves every ounce of success.

I thought of him when my daughter, April, sent me this link recently. It’s worth reading.


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