Last week we heard a phrase many homeowners dread “you need to replace your air conditioner.” No surprise, it was old. We asked for a quote. In short order the new unit was installed and is working swimmingly. What is remarkable about this experience is that it was pleasant! The company that helped us, and will continue to be our only provider of such services, is Ragsdale Heating and Air in Dallas, Georgia (yes, Virginia there is a Dallas outside of Atlanta). Here’s why –

  • Every phone call is answered promptly
  • Every conversation was pleasant
  • Every person who works the phones is polite and speaks clearly
  • Every person we interacted with from the technician, the sales representative and the office staff were completely focused on meeting our needs
  • We didn’t hear “we can’t do that” a single time
  • When we needed them – urgently – to help us limp along with the old unit until the new one could be installed, they did it – in less than 2 hours. 
  • They do what they say they will do
  • They are on time
  • They make it easy to do business with them and they create a desire to!

Companies spend a lot of money on “customer service training” and some of it might be good. The quality of service at Ragsdale is the result of far more than people knowing how to do their job. It is also due to a culture of service. Building this requires leadership and relentless focus on serving customers. Art Ragsdale is the President and Owner. It is a credit to him that his people are so unwaveringly helpful.

Hats off to you Art. Many companies could learn from you.

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