Issue No. 9

October 4, 2013

Self-limiting Attitudes

I tell companies to stop endlessly modifying procedures and pay more attention to the attitudes and motivation of the people using them. Just this morning I suggested to a client that she change the language in an article. There was a grammatical error in the document. As written, it reflects common usage that is obviously colloquial and too informal for this piece. This communication was not a tweet or an email blast. It was a multiple-page article and important enough to have me review it. My client did not change the article, rather said “our customers won’t notice this but in the future we will get these to you sooner.”

The attitude reflected in this decision is more important than the procedure. The cause of the problem is arrogance and the rationale as egregious as the action. Here’s what excellent organizations do:

  1. Assume your customers are intelligent.
  2. Assume your customers and prospective customers deserve your best.
  3. Seek advice so that you may improve continuously.
  4. Listen to the feedback that you bothered to obtain.
  5. Realize that perfection is not possible but there is no excuse for arrogance.

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