Issue No. 4

July 11, 2013

Unwind to profit

As long as it takes some people to make decisions, it often takes longer to undo bad ones. Most of spend far too long getting out of something that isn’t working whether it is a bad hire, a bad date, a bad house, or a bad employer. A triumph of hope over reality, many people say. Such platitudes do nothing but keep us stuck.

I suggest you stop thinking that wavering is the same as having hope. It usually isn’t. It’s procrastination and at worst it prolongs agony and prevents us from seeing the options and opportunities. If you call what you are doing “having hope” it’s more difficult to abandon it. Isn’t hoping good? Don’t we encourage each other to have hope?

Here’s the decision you can make: Be hopeful when the risk of doing nothing else is low or when I don’t have the power to change anything. Take action when risks (including missed opportunity) are high. Ironically, when we take action, we do feel more hopeful and better yet, more efficacious.

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