Issue No. 1

May 16, 2013

Doing nothing is a decision, so I’ve often heard. Despite how frequently this phrase is repeated, it provides no insight nor does it suggest a way to improve.

Here’s the problem-when people are aware they are deciding to do nothing, they don’t put that choice to the same test as a decision to do something. Planned actions in most organizations get a look, or two or three but planning to do nothing can more easily be assumed to be risk-free. Not so. Here is a short list of the things wrong with “staying the course” without evaluating the risk of doing so.

  1. The market will shift
  2. Your competitors will move
  3. Your people will wonder what the heck you are doing
  4. Your customers will wonder if you are paying attention
  5. Bad leaders stay in place and contaminate the organization
  6. Poor employees hang around and poison the well
  7. Shareholders or other stakeholders will wonder what you are doing

Uncertainty breeds lack of confidence. Shareholders, stakeholders, employees, suppliers, etc. wonder what the heck you are doing if you look inert.

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