What does one do in Austin, Texas? LIsten to music is one obvious thing but I had an additional mission. That was, buy some awesome boots! Austin is a great place for all sorts of reasons and great boots are near the top of that list for me.

So, there I was at Allens Boots on a Saturday afternoon. I know, what was I thinking? It was packed. Lucky for me, I ran into Ryan Stathos. Ryan doesn’t just work there, he is enthusiastic about boots and had on a pretty wicked pair himself. He helped me try on, think about fit and the ever important issue of how you get the darn things off, once your feet are wedged in. Ah ha! The boot remover, a very clever device.

I saw, tried on and bought in less than half an hour. Ryan made it really fun. He didn’t sell me anything, he helped me buy.

It makes no difference what you are selling, if you do it with genuine enthusiasm, warmth and have pride in the value you provide, you are miles and miles ahead of others. Next time I’m in Austin, Ryan at Allens Boots will hear from me.

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