Deal Integration Survey


Score this deal from Totally Disagree to Totally Agree for each of the statements below. After completing the survey simply press the Results button to find your total score and the implications for your organization.


We have established a timeline for critical changes.
We have decided how to integrate our brands.
We have committed to a clear mission.
We have a strong communication strategy for integration objectives.
We have a post-merger integration plan based on the investment thesis.

Financial Synergy

We have accurately valued the combined tangible and intangible assets.
We have established key interim measures of success.
We have met the financial criteria set by our investors.
We have stress-tested our view of their financial situation.
We have made key decisions about the integration of financial systems.


We are able to track customer happiness in real time.
Relationships with key suppliers have been secured.
We have comprehensive, enterprise-wide IT system capability to replace multiple legacy systems.
We have a plan to integrate sales and marketing to fuel growth.
We have calibrated speed giving consideration to possible disruptions.


We have selected the best person for each key role.
Each key player has agreed to a compensation / benefit package.
Functional leaders are in place.
We have clear lines of accountability for each function.
We have developed a succession plan for key positions.


We communicated the type of organizational culture needed to fuel success.
We have described the specific behaviors people will need to exhibit to succeed in the new culture.
Leaders make our values more credible through their behavior.
We have a code of conduct for the new organization.
Reporting structures are in place.

Escape Velocity

Congratulations! You have a clear mission, a vision for the future, and a rational plan. These are necessary to achieve the growth and profit you projected. Now, you need to implement the plan, watch for needed adjustments and have the courage to run through the tape. Read the article below to see why even great deals need superb leaders to take them through it.

Thrilling Ride

You have a number of things in place and it may be tempting let the thrill of the ride override your good judgment. Even with many things going well, you are better off maintaining discipline because there will always be surprises. Read the article below to learn more.

Unclear Direction

You need to devise a plan and implement it immediately. Your answers suggest that the work you have done to get a great deal, could soon be destroyed by an integration that is off track. The effort now, extraordinary as it may seem, is small compared to the losses that will accumulate if things don’t go well. Loss of revenue, profit, momentum and tarnished reputations are common. Disaster avoidance is our specialty. Let’s meet to see if we can help.


Only direct and immediate action will avert the disaster. Whether you’re about to do a deal or have just closed on one, you are in imminent and certain danger of taking this deal to the wrong side of zero. Call immediately.