Why You Should Let Go

One of the more challenging aspects of working with clients on strategy is helping them let go. Let go of businesses that don’t fit their strategy. Let go of people who are destructive to their goals. Let go of the need to avoid bad news. It is far easier to add and...

Turn Fear Into Fuel

I can’t help you conquer your fears so you can take more risks. But, I can do something even better for you. Learn more in this video!

Do You Need a Culture Overhaul?

The past two weeks have provided dozens, if not hundreds of examples of the power of repetition. Even more powerful than repetition is multiplied repetition. The expression that something is “going viral” is an apt description of what happens when a larger and larger...

Whose Legacy Is It?

Most chief executives do not come to the role rapidly. They work their way to the job through a series of roles with increasing responsibility, expanding their networks, knowledge and influence. They aren’t usually in a hurry to move out of the role and too much...

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