Constance’s Comments – Issue 9

Issue No. 9 October 4, 2013 Self-limiting Attitudes I tell companies to stop endlessly modifying procedures and pay more attention to the attitudes and motivation of the people using them. Just this morning I suggested to a client that she change the language in an...

Constance’s Comments – Issue 8

Issue No. 8 September 5, 2013 So profoundly valuable is a new perspective that people do all sorts of things from the sublime to the ridiculous to gain a fresh view. Rock climbing, paint ball, team building with stand-up comics, etc. Many people object to these sorts...

Constance’s Comments – Unwind to profit

Issue No. 4 July 11, 2013 Unwind to profit As long as it takes some people to make decisions, it often takes longer to undo bad ones. Most of spend far too long getting out of something that isn’t working whether it is a bad hire, a bad date, a bad house, or a...

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