Jolt of Sleep

Walking toward the Apple store at Perimeter Mall a couple days ago, my husband pointed to two store signs, juxtaposed with irony. That is the sort of thing he notices-irony and juxtaposition and this day they came together. We laughed, good enough, right? Nah. The...

A Boost from Boots

What does one do in Austin, Texas? LIsten to music is one obvious thing but I had an additional mission. That was, buy some awesome boots! Austin is a great place for all sorts of reasons and great boots are near the top of that list for me. So, there I was at Allens...

What a Facade

I’m writing this from a patio at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. I’m here for a meeting and fortunately there is some unscheduled time each afternoon, during which I have been watching people and exploring the place. I’ve noticed some things that...

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